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Izumi Inoue Shrine (Izumi-Shimizu)

The shrine is dedicated to “Izumi Shimizu” and its name is handed down to this area’s name. The five general shrines in its precincts are dedicated to the five Izumi shrines, such as Otori, Anashi, Hijiri, Tsugawa and Hine, with the main shrine designated as National Important Cultural Property.

Title Izumi Inoue Shrine (Izumi-Shimizu)
Hours 6:30~18:00
Closed No Regular Closing Days
Address 6-2-38 Fuchu-cho Izumi City
Tel 0725-44-8182
Parking Available
Entrance fee Free
Access 5-minute walk from Izumi-Fuchu station on JR Hanwa Line
34.48708 ,135.427657,15

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