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Imitation Pearl & Glass Work Exhibition Space “Rihanna”

Rihanna is established to spread imitation pearl products by local company organization, Japan Imitation Pearl Glass Association, which produce Izumi pearl and Izumi glass.  Rihanna displays and sells traditional glass crafts and fashionable cotton pearl accessories.  In addition, the purpose of it is promoting the local industry so that the prices are cheaper than the market prices.

Title Imitation Pearl & Glass Work Exhibition Space “Rihanna”
Hours 11:00~16:00
Closed Saturdays,Sundays, National holidays, Year-end/ New year holidays
Address 2-2-19 Onoi-cho Izumi City
Tel 0725-41-2133
FAX 0725-41-2135
Parking Available
Entrance fee Free
Access 8-minute walk from Kita-Shinoda station on JR Hanwa Line
Others Customers who buy product and show "Izumi no Kuni member's card" to receive small gift.

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