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Amidaji Temple

The temple is loved as an “Amidaji in Ohno” and crowded with visitors hoping easy delivery. It is said to start the legend as Gyoki enshrined Amitabha he had carved as a proof of gratitude for the realization of Empress Komei’s wish for easy delivery.

Title Amidaji Temple
Hours 8:00~17:00(Reception for prayers: 8:30~15:30*12:00~15:30 on the 1st Sunday of April)
Closed No Regular Closing Day
Address 118 Oono-cho Izumi City
Tel 0725-99-0358
Parking Available
Entrance fee Free
Access From Semboku Rapid Railway Izumi-Chuo station, Nankai Bus for Chichioni. Get off at "Ono" stop. 6-minute walk from the stop.

34.405639 ,135.473948,15

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