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Ikegami-Sone Historic Site Park

The moated settlements in the Yayoi period have the nation’s largest scale and contents. It is designated as a national historic spot.  Some interesting objects are excavated in the area; a large-sized building with a 80-mat area and a well with a 2m-diameter camphor tree, which was hollowed out to be its well-crib .  The columns of the large building turned out to be cut in 52 B.C. by dendrochronological measurement. You can find these historical findings in this park.

Title Ikegami-Sone Historic Site Park
Hours 10:00~17:00(Admission is until 16:30)
Closed Mondays(If Monday falls on a holiday, it is closed the following day)・ Year-end/ New year holidays
Address 4-4-13 Ikegami-cho Izumi City
Tel 0725-45-5544
FAX 0725-45-5544
Parking Available
Access 6-minute walk from Shinodayama station on JR Hanwa Line
34.502841 ,135.42815,15

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